Schools and parent/teacher organizations

The North Hill neighborhood is located within the Brighton 27J school district.  To go to the school district's website, click here.

Please note that residents of the Brighton 27J school district can enroll their children in any of the schools within the district. Listed below are the elementary, middle and high schools that provide busing services to the North Hill neighborhood.  (Charter schools generally do not provide busing services.) Also, as an FYI, Holly Street is the dividing line between the Brighton 27J School District (east side of Holly Street) and Adams 12 Five Star School District (west side of Holly Street).

1.  West Ridge Elementary School
      Grades: Kindergarten through 5th grade

Enrollment (2018/19 school year)*: 671 students (100% capacity)

Address: 13102 Monaco St
                           Thornton, CO 80602

Phone # (720) 685-5304

2.  Quist Middle School
Grades: 6th grade through 8th grade

Enrollment (2018/19 school year)*: 668 students (100% capacity)

Address: 13451 Yosemite St
                           Thornton, CO 80602

Phone # (303) 655-6950

3.  Riverdale Ridge High School
Grades: 9th grade through 12th grade

Enrollment (2018/19 school year)*: 543 students (100% capacity)
Address: 13380 Yosemite St
                           Thornton, CO 80602

Phone # (303) 655-6800


* - Information obtained from the Brighton 27J School District website.